Clean Slate workshops offer a full range of organizing presentations that will help you establish and maintain residential or business organization systems as well as time management practices. Several organizing methodologies will be presented to meet your individual personality and style. The workshops will provide solutions to your most daunting organizing challenges and concerns. These workshops are perfect for community associations, churches, clubs, youth groups, foundations or other organizations. The workshops are personalized to fit your audience.

The following workshops are available:

The Virtue of Simplicity - Organization Strategies for a Simpler Life

In this workshop, Clean Slate presenter will discuss the value of simplifying your life and will share principles that govern all organization strategies. Presenter will then give you actionable and detailed processes for organizing your home and your time.

It’s About Time – Time Management

In this workshop, Clean Slate presenter will share the benefits of time management and will guide participants through a step-by-step time management assessment. The presenter will share effective strategies for multi-tasking, calendaring, prioritizing and goal fulfillment.

Paper, Paper, Paper - Filing for the Frenzied

In this workshop, Clean Slate presenter will discuss 3 learning strategies that govern the way in which we interact with our physical world. The presenter will then present 3 paper management systems to meet these needs of the client’s learning style. These systems include standard file systems, binder storage and digital organization.

Organizing your Ancestors – Organization System for Genealogy

In this workshop, participants will learn how to organize the mounds of information that are part of family history and genealogical research. The presenter will then share an innovative method for organizing these vital records and documents.